Knot co.,ltd.


We offer one-stop solutions from planning design to production operation by cross-media such as events,
web/SNS, and video to solve clients' problems.
We offer sales promotions that lead to new discoveries and understanding in order to apply for the rapidly changing times.

  • Planning/Design
    At a time when digitization and diversification are rapidly advancing, detailed marketing promotion is necessary. From strategy planning to advertising, sales promotion, PR, and branding, we offer comprehensive planning and design.
  • Event promotion
    We carry out one-stop planning and production of a wide variety of events, including PR events for the general public, corporate exhibitions, seminars, international conferences, anniversary events such as year-round events and awards ceremonies, and press presentations.
  • WEB/Digital promotion
    We carefully unravel the complicated structure and flow of digital promotions and advertisements, and design websites/SNS and create digital solutions according to customers' objectives. Our in-house production team responds quickly.
  • Campaign promotion
    We develop high-quality open/closed campaigns to drive target action. Privacy mark certification has been acquired. The secretariat can handle applicants and manage information comprehensively.
  • Outdoor/Indoor display
    We support a wide variety of advertisements and displays that enhance attention. We offer a wide range of figurative objects, such as traditional road signs, banners and monuments, as well as sound, lighting, video and signage.
  • Casting service
    We offer a diverse cast, from advertising mascot to seminar instructor and event attraction performer. We will also help you with performance negotiation and booking management.
  • Graphic design/DTP
    We create a variety of graphic tools such as logos, brochures, flyers, POP, etc. We offer designs with full of creativity, such as designs that are integrated with digital.
  • Video production
    We have a proven track record of producing various works, including TV commercials, promotional videos, and original movies for video sites. Our video creator is responsible for everything from storyboard creation to shooting and editing to achieve high-quality video.
  • Original goods production
    We produce original goods for the company's branding and sales promotion tools. We select items to suit your purpose and print your company name, brand logo, etc. Please feel free to contact us.
  • Support for CSR activities
    We support CSR activities as a social contribution. We support a variety of activities, from proposing CSR events to planning and operating SNS based on CSV.
  • Overseas promotion
    Knot uses its unique know-how to support overseas promotions for companies. We provide comprehensive support, including test marketing of products and services, matching with commercial distribution, and local public relations activities. We also provide reasonable costs for initial PR activities.
  • Various support tools
    Various useful tools for exhibitions, in-house events, and web campaigns. These are Knot's unique digital solutions born out of customer needs.
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